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BEST is at the forefront of the design and renovation of your property in Ibiza and Formentera.

Our project management services have earned us the trust of a select international clientele who appreciate our personalised attention and strict control of budgets. BEST daily monitors the pace and overall quality of the renovation work and acts as a single interlocutor that will solve any doubt or problem. We know what quality means to you.

We work with the finest architects, engineers and lawyers on the island, and are backed by a solid relationship with leading construction companies who offer us exclusive competent prices. We guarantee compliance with the agreed deadlines, economic transparency and the seriousness of all our teams.

We are also pleased to offer the bespoke services of BEST INTERIORS, our decoration and landscaping studio. We love combining the natural finishes of the island with luxury amenities.

BEST Design and Project Management services offer:

Our team of in-house designers assesses you on the distribution and finishes of interior spaces. BEST enjoys competitive discounts amongst local suppliers.

When a project requires a structural alteration or affects a protected country house, it needs specif-ic licenses and the solid knowledge of a qualified architect to assure legal procedures. Other is-sues like the property’s groundwater or the implementation of solar energy require an engineer or surveyor. BEST works with renowned architects and specialised technicians, chosen according to the specific needs of your property.

From the start, we draw up a plan that incorporates all the aspects to be carried out, establishing clear deadlines. BEST takes care of all the renovation licenses and paperwork, and shapes a schedule of deliveries and payments with each of the parties involved to guarantee speed and sol-vency.

BEST daily monitors every step of the renovation work to match your envisioned ideal, with particular emphasis on details that are often overlooked. You will be clear about where your money is being spent at all times.

Our studio BEST INTERIORS promotes the simplicity of local details while collaborating with pres-tigious international brands. We love combining singular objects, collector’s pieces and craftsman-ship, but above all we pay tribute to tradition: our team is devoted to preserving the true essence of Ibiza.

We charge 4.5% of the total cost in comprehensive renovations and 7-10% in small scale ones. We do not ask commissions from our suppliers.

“We help our clients to professionally address the renovation project and make their dreams become a reality”